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Hygienic Hand Disinfection : EN 1500

Raman & Weil provides, this opportunity to recognize, our own mistakes, during our alcohol rub in technique, and improve, to follow the EN 1500 recommendations. We provide the UV light box, and the Fluorescent test lotion for training the medical staff.


Visualisation of substances by radiation with short-waved or ultraviolet light. After rubbing hands with a disinfectant that contains a fluorescent preparation (e.g. Visirub®), possible gaps in coverage can be visualised under a short-waved light source (UV/black light).

Term for certain areas on the hand that are not covered during hand disinfection, and thus may pose a risk of transmission.

In the meantime, it has been proven scientifically that the responsible application of hand disinfectants involves fewer gaps in coverage than the standard method following EN 1500. To monitor possible gaps in coverage under UV light it is appropriate to use a fluorescent test lotion, e.g. Visirub®.

Request our visiting field staff, to arrange the same, for your institution.