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Bacto Bath Wipes ®

Post-surgical disinfecting and skin-friendly Body Bath Wipes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) When should you use Bacto Bath Wipes®?

Bacto Bath Wipes® can be used as pre & post-surgical bathing wipes for patients and can also be used for patients long confined to bed.

2) What makes Bacto Bath Wipes® a preferred choice over other wipes?

Bacto Bath Wipes® is developed as per CDC recommendations, free from paraben and alcohol, and shows excellent results against microorganisms, making it suitable for all skin types. It eliminates the risk of cross-infection & has refreshing & moisturising properties.

3) What are the different wipe sizes available for Bacto Bath Wipes®?

Bacto Bath Wipes® is available in the following size - 32 x 24 cm.

4) What is the correct sequence to follow while using Bacto Bath Wipes® on the body?

Always remember to use Bacto Bath Wipes® in the following sequence starting from-
1. Face, neck and chest (prevent contact with eyes)
2. Right arm and armpit
3. Left arm and armpit
4. Lower body front
5. Right leg and foot
6. Left leg and foot
7. Back
8. Lower body rear

5) How should you use Bacto Bath Wipes®?

Bacto Bath Wipes® are ready-to-use disposable wipes. Pull out wipes directly from the sealed packet for ultimate day-to-day bathing convenience for patients. Once used, discard the wipes immediately (Do not flush it in the toilet).