Ensuring excellence in infection control for over three decades, Raman and Weil offers a complete range of authenticated broad spectrum disinfectants and antiseptics under one roof.

Experience uncompromised and unbeatable safety with a range of 44+ German AND Domestically engineered HI Tech Disinfection Products. Backed by years of global experience and scientific research our products ensure only the purest form of safety.

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Rs. 2,340.00 From Rs. 1,872.00

Hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.
The iconic blue hand rub has superior efficacy and is renowned worldwide with a history of success in over 57 countries.


Sterillium® Gel

Rs. 2,025.00 From Rs. 1,080.00

Superior efficacy, residue-free and moisturizing hand sanitiser.
Superior Hand rub disinfectant gel. It dries quickly and has skin-hydrating emollients and a broad spectrum of microbicidal activity.


Bactorub Pink®

Rs. 2,160.00 From Rs. 1,512.00

Hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.
Popular CHG Hand rub formulation in India offering a broad-spectrum of microbicidal protection.


Baktolin® 5.5

Rs. 2,250.00 From Rs. 2,025.00

Hygienic hand and body wash lotion.
Highly researched skin-friendly hygienic, pH 5.5, microbicidal hand & body wash lotion.


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