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Welcome to Raman and Weil Pvt Ltd, a Hi-Tech Disinfectant Manufacturer serving the hospital industry and medical institutions since 1989. As one of the leading specialists for infection control and prevention, hand/surface/instrument hygiene and skin protection, RW Science protects medical personnel, patients, and community against infection and contamination.

Science of Disinfection

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  • BODE Chemie GmbH

    One of the leading specialists for disinfection, hygiene and skin protection, BODE Chemie protects medical personnel, patients and products throughout the world against infection and contamination.
    With Sterillium®, the first marketable alcoholic hand disinfectant and the other products in the Sterillium® range, BODE sets standards.

  • HARTMANN Science Centre

    Please visit to get up-to-date information and scientific background on issues relevant to hygiene and infection control.