We have been on a mission for the last 3 decades to combat one of the top global health threats:

‘The spread of infections’

within healthcare settings. We will continue to rely on scientific expertise & authenticated product solutions to serve & overcome present & future challenges in infection prevention & control. We are committed to the safety & hygiene education of the healthcare workers, patients & the community.

As a part of our scientific endeavour, to ensure knowledge precedes solutions, RW Science, has an ambition to incorporate the fundamentals, of Infection Control and related practices in the DNA of our Health Care Workers, for the protection of patients & therefore the community.

Our long term association with our principals, and the BODE Chemie Science Center, Germany, provides us with the advanced knowledge on this subject, and therefore can impart valuable insights on how to follow the WHO & NABH Guidelines for Infection Control.

We also offer, practical training on the Essential Parameters, to be inculcated, in the HCW’s, for correct Hand Hygiene.

  • Clinical Education & Training

    This program helps to re-enforce and re-endorse the concepts of Infection Control topics, amongst the Healthcare Workers ranging from basics of microbiology to Hand hygiene, and its importance, in the hospital environment.

  • Assessment & Intervention Programmes

    It involves working directly with key personnel within institutions, to improve their understanding of 5 Moments of Hand Hygiene as prescribed by the WHO. This is a very popular, interactive, and competitive program with scores, where the HCW participates online to assess Hand Washing and Hand Hygiene requirements through virtual activities, familiar in their daily routine.

  • Hands On Workshops

    This is our most popular, and sought-after activity! Thousands of HCWs have participated successfully. We have received positive feedback and a constant request for more! A fluorescent hand rub is applied by the HCW, the results are checked under ultraviolet light, and instantly there is auto-correction! This re-endorses the correct hand rub technique as prescribed, for optimum results.

  • Consultative Services

    Advisory services to institutions to tackle “pain points and challenges” faced and accordingly guide them with the right formulations, disinfection techniques, and the importance of the use of efficacious products.

  • CME Programmes & Webinars

    We conduct programmes with the support of qualified medical personnel, for medical institutions, for correct understanding of guidelines established by the Regulatory Bodies e.g. NABH, Kayakalp, etc. On the other hand, we actively engaged in Conference Participations, as we participate in state and national-level events.

  • Relevant Medical Publications

    We have an extensive database of clinically relevant research articles, that are available on request.