Frequently Asked Questions

1) What makes Raman & Weil and its products different from others in the infection control market?

We have have an active and exclusive collaboration, for 34 years in India, with the Internationally renowned manufacturer, Bode Chemie / Hartmann, Germany, the makers of Sterillium®, a Gold Standard worldwide for Alcohol Rub in Hand Disinfection. All our products are backed with scientific evidence and clinical reports. The products have a broad spectrum of efficacy not just against bacteria but also Coronavirus and its variants.

Also, Raman & Weil was the first company in India to launch ‘Alcohol hand rubs’ with Sterillium® for effective and superior hand disinfection over traditional hand washing for Medical Personnel. Since then our range has grown to 44+ disinfectant and antiseptic products.

2) What are EN norms, and why are they important?

EN, European Norms are stringent technical standards used to prove the efficacy of Disinfectants and Antiseptics worldwide that help manufacturers adhere to international guidelines, meet qualitative technical requirements, and increase productive and innovative efficiency. Many of our products, like Sterillium®, Bactorub® Blue, Bacillocid® Special etc., pass EN norms, which ensure that they meet global standards for safety & efficacy.

3) Does Raman & Weil supply only hospital-related infection control products?

We have an entire range of 44+ disinfectant and antiseptic products that are supplied not only to hospitals and medical institutions but also to pharmaceutical, dairy and veterinary industries. Along with this, we also cater to households with our Steri 360™ product range.

4) I live in a remote area of India; how can I get Raman & Weil products?

We are present all over India. We can help you connect with your region's nearest Raman & Weil distributor. You can also order online on our website.

5) Does Raman & Weil take bulk quantities for products?

Yes, we do take bulk orders.

6) How can you buy Raman & Weil products?

You can place your orders for personal use or in small clinics/labs at You can also buy our products via Raman and Weil’s exclusive distributors across India. We are also present on e-commerce platforms (Amazon, First Cry and more).

7) Is the alcohol quality used in Raman & Weil products different from others?

The alcohol used in our products is of the highest pharma-grade quality. It prevents dryness upon contact with skin and prevents surface corrosion as it has special protecting agents.

8) Does Raman & Weil only have BODE (Germany) products?

No, we have an entire range of imported and domestically manufactured products like Bactorub® Blue, Baccirub®, Korso® Plus etc., which are 100% “MADE IN INDIA”.

9) Does Raman & Weil export products?

Yes, we export our products worldwide. For more information, please share an email at

10) How can I get MSDS sheet/certificates of Raman & Weil products?

Raman and Weil provides product information to support a safe and healthful work environment. For Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of our products, drop your request at

11) Is Raman & Weil manufacturing plant FDA/WHO/GMP CERTIFIED?

Our manufacturing facility at Daman is WHO, GMP & ISO certified.

12) How much time does it take for the orders to be delivered?

Orders are delivered within 7-8 days.

13) How can you track your order?

We don't have a live tracking system in place at the moment. The order usually reaches within 7-8 days. To track your orders, drop an email to or

14) Does Raman & Weil charge anything extra for shipping the orders?

No, shipping is free of cost.

15) What are the various packaging options available?

Depending on the products, packaging options are broadly available in 100ml, 500ml, 1 litre & 5 litres sizes.

16) Are Raman and Weil’s products certified by any agency or doctors?

Yes, Raman And Weil has a range of internationally recognised products which are certified with EN norms, have received recommendations from various hospitals and KOLs, and have been mentioned in NABH manuals, Swacch Bharat, National Health Mission & Kayakalp guidelines.

17) What is the Raman & Weil Science Centre?

We are committed to excellence in infection prevention to protect, care, heal & thrive. As a part of our scientific endeavour to ensure knowledge precedes solutions, Raman & Weil Science has the ambition to incorporate the fundamentals of infection control in the DNA of our healthcare workers, patients & the community via Raman & Weil Science Centre with its key capabilities in-

  • RW Science Training Programme
  • Assessment & Intervention Workshops
  • RW Science Hands-on Workshops
  • Consultative Services
To know more, drop a request at