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Baktolin® 5.5

Highly-researched skin-friendly Hygienic, pH 5.5, microbicidal Hand & Body Wash Lotion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What makes Baktolin® 5.5 the perfect choice for hand & body wash?

Baktolin® 5.5 is a complete and effective non-soap wash lotion with a germ-inhibiting effect that does not disturb the skin's natural pH, making it perfect for hand & body wash.

2) Who can use Baktolin® 5.5?

Baktolin® 5.5 is specially designed for frequent hand washers and can be used by;

  • Medical staff, laboratory personnel and others in the medical industry.
  • For bathing patients ( Pre & Post-surgery).
  • For personnel who are hypersensitive to soap.
  • For patients long confined to bed.

3) Why should you use Baktolin® 5.5 over other soap/liquid soaps?

The pH of healthy skin is 5.5 - 6. Soap agents with high pH are often harsh and can strip the skin of its protective layer. Skin can become dry and cracked & more susceptible to infections.

Baktolin® 5.5, on the other hand, has NO ALKALI, NO COLOR, NO PARABEN and leaves a pleasant fragrance, making it skin friendly.

4) How to use Baktolin ® 5.5 hand & body wash?

Baktolin ® 5.5 should be used in the following quantities for the perfect results:

  • For hand washing - Use 0.5ml per hand wash.
  • For body bath - Use 2-5ml per body bath.