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  • isopropanol hand rub
  • isopropanol hand rub
  • isopropanol hand rub
  • isopropanol hand rub
  • isopropanol hand rub
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Bactorub® Blue

Bactorub® Blue is an antimicrobial alcohol rub recommended for hygienic hand disinfection in between patients & procedures and surgical hand disinfection. It contains skin protectors, is non-toxic and behaves like a chemical glove. Effective against all bacteria including MRSA. fungi, viruses including all variants of Coronavirus, HIV, HBV, & HCV.

Passes European Norms: EN 1500, EN 12791, EN 13727, EN 13624, EN 14348, EN 14476

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What makes Bactorub® Blue one of the best propanol-based hand rubs for you?

Bactorub® Blue passes various European Norms and US FDA standards for its scientific efficacy against bacteria, fungi and viruses. It is manufactured using the highest pharma-grade quality of propanol, which is subsequently passed through a 0.2-micron filter before production.

2) Can the alcohol present in Bactorub® Blue dry your skin?

No, the formula is skin friendly and has skin emollients/protectors present in it that protect & hydrate your skin.

3) How to use Bactorub® Blue for rapid hand disinfection?

Bactorub® Blue is to be used undiluted on clean, dry hands for Hygienic (Use 3ml & rub for 30 seconds up till wrist) and Surgical Hand disinfection (Use 6ml & rub for 1.5 minutes till elbow/arms), respectively.

4) What are the areas of application of Bactorub® Blue?

  • Rapid hand disinfection- Please refer to the above question (3)
  • For skin antisepsis - use on intact skin, on operative/peri-operative region, to be treated, allow drying up to 30 seconds before incision.

5) When should you use Bactorub® Blue?

Bactorub® Blue can be used at various places like healthcare settings, restaurants, workplaces, home healthcare, etc.

  • Inside Healthcare setup - Disinfect hands as per WHO’s 5 moments of Hand Hygiene in critical and non-critical areas.
  • Outside healthcare setup - Disinfect hands while travelling, in crowded places, after touching high-touch areas, using public transport, when in contact with infected patients, when hands are not visibly soiled etc.