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Steri 360™ Kit 50 ML

Steri 360™ is our German engineered formulation made with the best quality ingredients. These products helps in fighting against 600+ infection causing germs. The 50 ml Kit is highly recommended for Mothers, Caretakers, Medical Practitioners, Travellers, Post Surgical Patients. Together, the three products protect the three main areas susceptible to infections.

Sterillium Gel® (50ml) - International Gold standard for hand rubs, awarded " Brand of the century" thrice

Steriskin® (50ml) - Skin friendly, hygienic hands and body wash, free from color, perfume  and parabens 

Sterismart® (50ml) - Rapid disinfectant spray, that kills infection causing germs in just 25 seconds

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many products are in the Steri 360™ kit?

Steri 360™ (50ml) kit has 3 products -

  • Sterillium® Gel (50ml) x 1
  • SteriSkin (50ml) x 1
  • SteriSmart™ (50ml) x 1

2) How should you use Sterillium® Gel (50ml)?

Sterillium® Gel (50ml) is to be used on undiluted clean and dry hands. Use 3ml & rub for 30 seconds up to the wrist.Sterillium® Gel (50ml) is highly efficacious against pathogens and provides excellent skin tolerability even with long-term use by increasing skin hydration by 30%.

3) How should you use SteriSmart™ (50ml)?

SteriSmart™ (50ml) can be used to disinfect frequently touched, hard surfaces at home, workplaces, restaurants, public transport, gadgets etc. For example - door knobs, railings, toilet seats, handles, bathrooms, handrails, mobile screens, etc.
Steps -

  • Always Clean the surface to disinfect (remove visible dirt).
  • Spray the targeted area from a distance and wait for a minimum contact time of 25 seconds to a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Allow the surface to air dry. If required, wipe the surface with a clean cloth.

4) How should you use SteriSkin (50ml)?

SteriSkin (50ml) can be used as Hand & Body wash that is suitable for all skin types and recommended for frequent hand washers, medical professionals, patients who require pre & post-surgical baths, people hypersensitive to soap, mothers & babies, elderly people & patients, professionals & travellers. This Hand & body wash is gentle on the skin, making it skin friendly.

5) What makes Steri 360™ (50 ml) the “on-the-go” disinfection kit?

Created with a touch of science & experience, the Steri 360™ (50ml) kit fights against 600 + pathogens. The kit contains 3 products (Sterillium® Gel (50ml), Steriskin (50ml) & Sterismart™ (50ml)) that protect the three areas susceptible to infections: Hands, Body & Surfaces.