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  • Sterillium®
    The Iconic Blue Hand Rub, Awarded ‘Brand of the Century’ thrice. Superior in efficacy, certifications, validations and acceptance with a history of success in over 57 countries.
  • Sterillium Gel®
    Sterillium Gel® is a superior Rub-in Hygienic and Surgical Hand Disinfectant Gel. It dries quickly, has skin hydrating emollients and a broad spectrum of microbicidal activity.
  • Steri 360 Kit 100 ML
    The Steri 360TM Kit is a complete protection and care set comprising a tri of Sterilliums® Gel hand sanitizer; SteriSmartTM all-round surface disinfectant; and SteriSkinTM hand and body wash. Coming to you from the makers of SterilliumTM, each of the three solutions is German-engineered to protect you from infection-causing germs, while being gentle on skin. The Steri 360TM Kit is available in 50 ml, 100 ml and 250 ml variants.
  • Wettask with Bacillol 25
    Time-tested, efficacious, instant 25-second Disinfecting Wet Wipes in a compact, self-contained close bucket.
  • Korsolex Rapid®
    Surface & Environmental concentrate specially designed for the disinfection of high risk areas in pharmaceutical industries. It has got excellent cleansing and broad spectrum germicidal properties.
  • Bacillol 25®
    Aldehyde free ready to use alcohol based surface disinfectant with special material tolerance & corrosion inhibitors for pharmaceutical equipment and sensitive surfaces.
  • Mikrobac Forte®
    Aldehyde and Alcohol-free, 5th generation QAC, Broad Spectrum Disinfectant with powerful cleansers, corrosion inhibitors and excellent material tolerance designed for disinfection of high risk areas in pharmaceutical industries.
  • SteriSmart®
    Alcohol-based ready-to-use, 25-second instant Surface Disinfectant that acts rapidly and comprehensively, with excellent material compatibility and leaving no residue.
  • SteriSkin®
    Highly-researched Skin-friendly Hygienic, pH 5.5, microbicidal Hand & Body Wash Lotion.
  • Steri 360 Kit 50 ML
  • Bacto Surface® 360 Disinfectant Shield
    Alcohol-based ready-to-use 25-second Rapid Surface Disinfectant with broad spectrum microbicidal activities.
  • Bacto Hands 360®
    WHO-Recommended Antimicrobial Ethanol Rub, offering excellent results in 30 seconds
  • Bacto Bath Wipes 32x24 ®
    Post-Surgical Disinfecting and Skin friendly Body Bath Wipes
  • Baccirub
    CHG-based Alcohol Hand Rub/Skin Disinfectant available at cost-effective prices.
  • Bactorub®
    Popular CHG Hand Rub Formulation in India offers broad spectrum microbicidal protection especially against Gram Positive and Gram Negative bacteria.