All available combinations of alcohol-based hand rubs, including our internationally-renowned flagship product “Sterillium®.

  • Sterillium®
    The Iconic Blue Hand Rub, Awarded ‘Brand of the Century’ thrice. Superior in efficacy, certifications, validations and acceptance with a history of success in over 57 countries.
  • Bactorub® Blue
    Isopropanol based hand rub with skin protectors, effective against MRSA. fungi, viruses including all variants of Coronavirus, HIV, HBV, & HCV. Recommended for Hygienic and Surgical Hand Disinfection.
  • Bactorub Pink®
    Popular CHG Hand Rub Formulation in India offers broad spectrum microbicidal protection especially against Gram Positive and Gram Negative bacteria.
  • Baccirub®
    CHG-based Alcohol Hand Rub/Skin Disinfectant available at cost-effective prices.
  • Baccirub Plus
    WHO-recommended Antimicrobial Ethanol Hand Rub, offers excellent results in 30 seconds.