Passing all necessary EN Norms, R&W offers a complete broad spectrum product range of authenticated disinfectants antiseptics under one roof. Our versatile range of 40+ authenticated, scientifically-proven disinfectants, antiseptics and medical consumables are constantly inspiring, upgrading, and revolutionizing Hospital Infection Control.

Our range also offers all possible requirements for Clean Room Contamination Control, Pharmaceutical sterile sections. Our range also includes products for veterinary use : For animal and poultry upkeep.

Raman & Weil are Leaders in Infection Control, understanding Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI), Knowledge on Transmission of Infections, Contamination Control in Pharma etc. Our products reflect this and lead to Excellence in Infection Control in Hospitals, Healthcare facilities, Pharmaceutical cleanrooms etc.

  • Sterillium®
    The Iconic Blue Hand Rub, Awarded ‘Brand of the Century’ thrice. Superior in efficacy, certifications, validations and acceptance with a history of success in over 57 countries.
  • Bactorub Pink®
    Popular CHG Hand Rub Formulation in India offers broad spectrum microbicidal protection especially against Gram Positive and Gram Negative bacteria.
  • Bacto Bath Wipes ®
    Post-Surgical Disinfecting and Skin friendly Body Bath Wipes
  • Bacillocid® Extra
    Highly researched, scientifically powerful Aldehyde-containing Surface Disinfectant designed for disinfection of high risk areas in Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Bactoscrub
    Manufactured as per market needs, it is a CHG-based, Bactericidal, Fungicidal and Gentle Skin Cleanser.
  • Bacillocid® Special
    Undisputed, tried, tested, and trusted Surface and Environmental Disinfectant Concentrate designed for disinfection of high risk areas in Pharmaceutical industries. With excellent cleansing properties and a broad spectrum germicidal action.
  • Baccirub®
    CHG-based Alcohol Hand Rub/Skin Disinfectant available at cost-effective prices.
  • Linotox
    Chlorine-free, Linen Disinfectant Concentrate that cleanses, disinfects all hospital linen leaving a pleasant smell.
  • Stellisept Med®
    Stellisept Med is a proven Antimicrobial Body and Hand Wash Lotion, tested as per the European Standards.
  • Long Handle Stainless Steel Dispensing Stand
    Perfect for aseptic dispensing of RW products at scrub stations
  • Plastic Dispensing Stand
    Can be placed near the entry gate, patient area, restrooms, with RW hands rubs/hand washes
  • 500ml Cot Stand
    Made of superior stainless steel quality, can be put on individual beds of each patient
  • Stainless Steel Elbow Dispensing Stand
    Can be Used at wash stations in OT/ICU/High risk areas of hospitals & medical institutions.
  • Kohrsolin TH®
    Triple-action, long-acting sustained release, safe Disinfectant.
  • Bactoprep®
    The ideal Surgical Prepping Agent that disinfects the skin appropriately leaving no stains ensuring rapid healing. Recommended by CDC.