Since the last 32 years, Raman & Weil has been the leader in the market with expertise in Infection Control and Prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI).Our product formulations are developed in line with the dynamic healthcare requirements and are evidence-based, allowing us to excel in the medical industry.

  • Mikrobac® Forte
    Aldehyde and Alcohol-free, 5th generation QAC, Broad Spectrum Disinfectant with powerful cleansers, corrosion inhibitors and excellent material tolerance designed for disinfection of high risk areas in pharmaceutical industries.
  • Plastic Dispensing Stand
    Can be placed near the entry gate, patient area, restrooms, with RW hands rubs/hand washes
  • Ramadine® 5%, 7.5%, 10%
    Antiseptic for mucous membranes, wounds, skin, pre and post-operative scrub with high skin tolerance and excellent antimicrobial activities.
  • Sevoflurane
    Stable, non-flammable, third generation Inhalation Anaesthetic with a fast onset.
  • Sojourn
    Stable, non-flammable, third generation Inhalation Anaesthetic with a fast onset.
  • Sokrena®
    Food grade, Aldehyde – free cleaner and disinfectant with grease dissolving capacity for the production vessels, equipment, floors, running water systems and kitchens.
  • Stainless Steel Elbow Dispensing Stand
    Can be Used at wash stations in OT/ICU/High risk areas of hospitals & medical institutions.
  • Stelli-gel Sponge®
    Absorbable Hemostatic non-toxic, non-allergic, non-immunogenic, and biocomptabile Gelatin Sponge.
  • Sterillium® Gel
    Sterillium Gel® is a superior Rub-in Hygienic and Surgical Hand Disinfectant Gel. It dries quickly, has skin hydrating emollients and a broad spectrum of microbicidal activity.
  • Wettask® wipes with Bacillol® 25
    Time-tested, efficacious, instant 25-second Disinfecting Wet Wipes in a compact, self-contained close bucket.