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Since the last 32 years, Raman & Weil has been the leader in the market with expertise in Infection Control and Prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI).Our product formulations are developed in line with the dynamic healthcare requirements and are evidence-based, allowing us to excel in the medical industry.


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  • Wettask® wipes with Bacillol® 25

    Time-tested, efficacious, instant 25-second disinfecting wet wipes in a compact, self-contained close bucket. 

  • Bacillo Floor
    General purpose surface cleaner cum disinfectant concentrate.
    Aldehyde-free general purpose surface disinfectant with built-in cleansers and a pleasant leave - behind fragrance.
  • Mikrobac® Forte

    Aldehyde-free, 5th generation QAC, surface disinfectant concentrate.
    Aldehyde and alcohol-free, 5th generation QAC, powerful cleanser with corrosion inhibitors and excellent material tolerance.

  • Bacto 256
    Surface and environmental disinfectant concentrate for mopping & fogging.
    Aldehyde-free, alcohol-free, new advanced 5th generation QAC for surface and environmental disinfection.
  • Sokrena®

    Food-grade surface disinfectant.
    Food grade, aldehyde–free cleaner and disinfectant with grease-dissolving capacity.

  • Bacttol - 25®
    25-second rapid surface disinfectant.
    Alcohol-based ready-to-use, 25-second rapid surface disinfectant with broad spectrum microbicidal activities.
  • Glutihyde 2% and Glutihyde 2.45%
    High level disinfectant for instruments & endoscope disinfectant.
    Broad spectrum disinfectant for heat sensitive and heat resistant Instruments, endoscope & anaesthesia accessories.
  • Glutihyde OPA
    High level disinfectant for semi-critical instrument & for automated reprocessing of endoscopes and accessories
    Suitable for manual disinfection of semi critical medical devices and reprocessing of endoscopes with a 6 minute contact time.
  • Bodedex ® Forte
    Multi-surface, Economical, Hospital Cleaner-Concentrate.
    pH – neutral pre cleaner concentrate for heat sensitive and heat resistant instruments like endoscope and anesthesia accessories
  • Korso Plus®
    Aldehyde-free Instrument Disinfectant for heat-sensitive and heat-resistant Instruments with a powerful cleaning effect.
  • Korsolex® Rapid

    Surface & Instrument disinfectant concentrate specially designed for the disinfection of high-risk areas in medical & pharmaceutical industries.

  • Cutasept® F
    Skin antiseptic with spray.
    Ideal skin antiseptic (spray) that cleans, degreases and disinfects the skin, and ensures rapid healing.
  • Cutasept®
    Ideal surgical skin disinfectant.
    Ideal two component disinfectant with a novel defatting activity that serves to clean the skin as well as disinfect it
  • Bactoprep®
    Surgical skin prepping disinfectant.
    The ideal surgical prepping agent that disinfects the skin appropriately leaving no stains ensuring rapid healing.
  • Ramadine® 5%, 7.5%, 10%
    Skin antiseptic for wounds, pre and post-operative scrub.
    Antiseptic for mucous membranes, wounds, skin, pre and post-operative scrub with high skin tolerance and excellent antimicrobial activities.