Since the last 32 years, Raman & Weil has been the leader in the market with expertise in Infection Control and Prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI).Our product formulations are developed in line with the dynamic healthcare requirements and are evidence-based, allowing us to excel in the medical industry.

  • Bactorub Pink®
    Popular CHG Hand Rub Formulation in India offers broad spectrum microbicidal protection especially against Gram Positive and Gram Negative bacteria.
  • Bacttol - 25®
    Alcohol-based ready-to-use, 25-second Rapid Surface Disinfectant with broad spectrum microbicidal activities.
  • Baktolin® 5.5
    Highly-researched skin-friendly Hygienic, pH 5.5, microbicidal Hand & Body Wash Lotion.
  • Bodedex Forte Cleaner®
    pH – neutral pre cleaner concentrate for heat sensitive and heat resistant instruments like endoscope and anesthesia accessories
  • Cutasept® F
    Ideal Skin Antiseptic (spray) that degreases, cleans and disinfects the surface, ensures rapid healing
  • Cutasept®
    Two-component Skin Antiseptic that acts rapidly, with good sustained effect, requires no additional marking agent
  • Glutihyde 2% and Glutihyde 2.45%
    Broad spectrum disinfectant for heat sensitive and heat resistant Instruments, Endoscope & Anaesthesia Accessories, protects & maintains the quality of instruments.
  • Glutihyde OPA
    High Level Disinfectant for semi critical medical, dental devices and reprocessing of endoscopes and accessories with a 6 minute contact time.
  • Halothane
    Stable, non-flammable, first generation General Inhalation Anaesthetic.
  • Isoflurane
    Stable, non-flammable, second generation General Inhalation Anaesthetic.
  • Korso Plus®
    Aldehyde free, 5th Generation QAC, Powerful Cleaner & Advanced Surface Disinfectant, also used for Fogging.
  • Korso Plus®
    Aldehyde-free Instrument Disinfectant for heat-sensitive and heat-resistant Instruments with a powerful cleaning effect.
  • Korsolex® Rapid
    Surface & Environmental concentrate specially designed for the disinfection of high risk areas in pharmaceutical industries. It has got excellent cleansing and broad spectrum germicidal properties.
  • Linotox
    Chlorine-free, Linen Disinfectant Concentrate that cleanses, disinfects all hospital linen leaving a pleasant smell.
  • Long Handle Stainless Steel Dispensing Stand
    Perfect for aseptic dispensing of RW products at scrub stations