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Cutasept® F

Ideal Skin Antiseptic (spray) that degreases, cleans and disinfects the skin, ensures rapid healing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1)What makes Cutasept® F the perfect choice for skin antisepsis?

Cutasept® F acts rapidly within 30 seconds and comprehensively against microbes with long-term residue effect, excellent skin tolerability, and novel defatting activity that cleans, degreases, and disinfects the skin.

2)Can cutasept® F stain your clothes or skin?

No, Cutasept® F is colourless.

3)When can you use Cutasept® F?

Cutasept® F can be used in the following situations;

  • To be applied before & after injection, especially for infants & diabetic patients.
  • During Aseptic procedures
  • Small medicinal operations
  • Before & After insertions of IV drips, catheters & endoscopes.
  • For dressing minor injuries & wounds
  • During plaster removal & change
  • For bacterial & mycotic eczematous infections
  • Post-surgical wound disinfections

4)How should you use Cutasept® F?

Cutasept® F can be used to;

  • Spray on the targeted region.
  • Apply 5 – 10 seconds before preparation for injections/withdrawal.
  • For pre & post-operative skin & wound treatment (Smear liberally on the skin with a swab dipped in Cutasept® F with dressing forceps). Leave until dry.

5)Which bacteria and viruses does Cutasept® F kill?

Cutasept® F is effective against all bacteria like MRSA, EHEC, P.aeruginosa, S.aureus, fungi, mycobacteria and viruses (enveloped & non – enveloped like HCV, HIV, HBV).