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  • antiseptic spray for skin
  • antiseptic spray for skin
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Cutasept® F

Cutasept® F, skin antiseptic with a spray can be used to apply, before and after injections, before and after consider veni puncture, before and after consider aseptic procedures and small medicinal operations, before and after insertion of catheters and endoscopes etc. It can also be used for dressing minor injuries and wounds, for bacterial and mycotic eczematous infection and during plaster removal and change.

Passes European Norm: EN 14476.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1)What makes Cutasept® F the perfect choice for skin antisepsis?

Cutasept® F acts rapidly within 30 seconds and comprehensively against microbes with long-term residue effect, excellent skin tolerability, and novel defatting activity that cleans, degreases, and disinfects the skin.

2)Can cutasept® F stain your clothes or skin?

No, Cutasept® F is colourless.

3)When can you use Cutasept® F?

Cutasept® F can be used in the following situations;

  • To be applied before & after injection, especially for infants & diabetic patients.
  • During Aseptic procedures
  • Small medicinal operations
  • Before & After insertions of IV drips, catheters & endoscopes.
  • For dressing minor injuries & wounds
  • During plaster removal & change
  • For bacterial & mycotic eczematous infections
  • Post-surgical wound disinfections

4)How should you use Cutasept® F?

Cutasept® F can be used to;

  • Spray on the targeted region.
  • Apply 5 – 10 seconds before preparation for injections/withdrawal.
  • For pre & post-operative skin & wound treatment (Smear liberally on the skin with a swab dipped in Cutasept® F with dressing forceps). Leave until dry.

5)Which bacteria and viruses does Cutasept® F kill?

Cutasept® F is effective against all bacteria like MRSA, EHEC, P.aeruginosa, S.aureus, fungi, mycobacteria and viruses (enveloped & non – enveloped like HCV, HIV, HBV).