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Bacillo Floor

Aldehyde-free General Purpose Surface Disinfectant

Aldehyde-free General Purpose Surface Disinfectant with built-in cleansers and a pleasant leave-behind fragrance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1)What is the active ingredient in Bacillo Floor?

Bacillo floor contains 4th generation QAC (Quaternary ammonium compounds) that is effective against a wide range of bacteria & fungi. It also contains in-built cleansers for thorough cleaning.

2)What are the areas of application for Bacillo Floor?

Bacillo floor is a general-purpose surface disinfectant used in wards, corridors, toilers, path labs, dental clinics, and kitchens (Non - critical areas).

3)Is Bacillo Floor a concentrate or ready-to-use product?

Bacillo floor is supplied as a concentrate product, which must be diluted with water (as per Raman & Weil’s dilution chart) for surface disinfection in non-critical areas.

4) Is Bacillo Floor a high-level or low-level surface disinfectant?

Bacillo floor is a low-level surface disinfectant for use only in non-critical areas of hospitals & medical institutions.

5) How to use Bacillo floor?

Steps to follow while using Bacillo Floor:

  • Clean the surface and remove any visible dirt.
  • Use Bacillo floor for wet wipe mopping of the surface. Refer to Raman & Weil’s dilution chart for the appropriate dilution based on the risk area of the hospital.
  • Wash floors and other tiled surfaces, covering corners and other inaccessible areas.
  • Allow the surface to dry.
  • For optimum effectiveness, keep the surface wet for 15 minutes or more.
  • Use a freshly diluted solution for the best results.