Full range of skin antiseptics available along with researched and newer antiseptics with certified EN Norms. For pre and post-surgical use on patients, with intact, and injured skin.

  • Bactoprep®
    The ideal Surgical Prepping Agent that disinfects the skin appropriately leaving no stains ensuring rapid healing. Recommended by CDC.
  • Cutasept®
    Two-component Skin Antiseptic that acts rapidly, with good sustained effect, requires no additional marking agent
  • Cutasept® F
    Ideal Skin Antiseptic (spray) that degreases, cleans and disinfects the surface, ensures rapid healing
  • Ramadine® 5%, 7.5%, 10%
    Antiseptic for mucous membranes, wounds, skin, pre and post-operative scrub with high skin tolerance and excellent antimicrobial activities.