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CHG based Alcohol Hand Rub/Skin Disinfectant available at a cost effective price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How should you use Baccirub® for rapid hand disinfection?

Baccirub® is to be used undiluted on clean, dry hands for Hygienic (Use 3ml & rub for 30 seconds up till wrist) and Surgical Hand disinfection (Use 9ml & rub for 1.5m minutes till elbow/arms), respectively.

2) Which are the areas of application for Baccirub®?

  • For rapid hand disinfection– Please refer to the above question (1).
  • For skin antisepsis - use on intact skin, on operative/perioperative region, to be treated, allow to dry up to 30 seconds before incision.

3) What makes Baccirub® an ideal skin disinfectant?

Baccirub® shows excellent results against bacteria, including MRSA, mycobacteria and fungi. Baccirub® passes European Norms like EN 1040, EN 1656, EN 1275 & EN 1657.

4) When should you use Baccirub®?

Baccirub® can be used at various places;
  • Inside Healthcare setup - Disinfect hands as per WHO’s 5 moments of Hand Hygiene in non-critical or low-risk areas.