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Bacillol® 25 (Pharma)

Aldehyde free ready to use alcohol based surface disinfectant with special material tolerance & corrosion inhibitors for pharmaceutical equipment and sensitive surfaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Bacillol® 25 a concentrate or a ready-to-use product?

Bacillol® 25 is supplied as a ‘Ready to use rapid disinfectant’ for hard surfaces in critical and noncritical areas of the hospitals.

2) What are the areas of application for Bacillol® 25?

Bacillol® 25 is used to disinfect near patient areas, high-touch surfaces & equipment in critical & non-critical areas, clinics with high patient turnover etc.

3) How to use Bacillol® 25?

  • Spray the surface at a distance to be disinfected, with a sufficient amount of ready-to-use solution, ensuring complete coverage.
  • Follow the exposure time of a minimum of 25 seconds to a maximum of 5 minutes on the surface.
  • Allow the surface to air dry or wipe with a clean & dry cloth.

4) Can you use Bacillol® 25 on water-sensitive surfaces?

Yes, Bacillol® 25 can be used to disinfect water-sensitive surfaces/equipment.