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Bodedex ® Forte

Advanced liquid cleaner concentrate for Instruments, Endoscopes, to ensure successful disinfection. It has special material protectors. Studies have shown that enzymatic cleansers only clean 73% of the bio burden, whereas Bodedex- Forte effectively reduces upto 94% of the bio burden. After using Bodedex- Forte solution, the Instruments, Endoscopes are ready for High Level Sterilization (with Korsolex Rapid).

Endorsed by Fujinon, Olympus, Karl Storz, Richard Wolf.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Bodedex Forte used for?

Bodedex Forte is a multi-surface hospital cleaner concentrate with a neutral pH solution, removes organic and inorganic substances, bio-films, soil, rust, stains, spotting. It also acts as a pre - cleaner for heat resistant and heat sensitive instruments.

2) Where can one use Bodedex Forte for surface cleaning in Hospitals?

It can be used as a daily routine cleaner for critical and semi-critical areas of hospitals like OT, ICU, NICU, Endoscopy Room, Laboratory, Surgical Wards, etc. It can also be used in non-critical areas, and for surfaces that do not require disinfection.

3) What dilution should be used for instrument cleaning?

If the degree of contamination is mild, use 0.5% dilution for a contact time of 5 minutes.
If the degree of contamination is heavy, use 1% dilution for a contact time of 10 minutes.

4) How to use Bodedex Forte for Instrument cleaning?

For immersion bath procedure -
Bodedex Forte is used for the pre-cleaning and cleaning of instruments (even of particularly narrow lumen) to optimize the subsequent disinfection and sterilization success.
Disassemble or open the instruments respectively and immerse them in Bodedex® Forte solution.
The channels have to be filled without any bubbles.
Make sure the instruments are completely covered by the solution.
After cleaning, rinse all parts with water of at least drinking quality and forward the instruments to further reprocessing.

Standing time: The solution should be renewed daily.