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  • Skin antiseptic agent
  • Skin antiseptic agent
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Cutasept, ideal skin antiseptic agent recommended for prepping and post-closure of skin, Cutasept• is a potent, broad spectrum, Bactericidal (including  MRSA), Tuberculocidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal including, Hepatitis B & HIV activity. Keeps the operation site disinfected i.e. free from  germs. Ensures rapid healing thus resulting in successful surgery.

Passes European Norm: EN 14476

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What makes Cutasept an ideal surgical skin disinfectant?

Cutasept® has a novel defatting activity that serves to clean the skin as well as disinfect it. Its two components have a synergistic effect on each other: 2-propanol, a potent broad-spectrum microbicidal agent, serves as the glide path for Benzalkonium Chloride, which has a residual effect, inhibiting intraoperative bacterial growth. In short, Cutasept provides 3 main benefits, it -
Cleans the skin
Degreases the skin
Disinfects the skin

2) What is the difference between Cutasept & Cutasept F?

Cutasept is colored whereas Cutasept F is a colorless propanol-based skin disinfectant, both having rapid and broad-spectrum effect.

3) Is it effective against viruses?

Cutasept is Bactericidal, Yeasticidal, Tuberculocidal and also Virucidal against enveloped viruses.

4) How to use Cutasept?

Cutasept® is colored, and this ready-to-use preparation can be used for the preoperative phase, for skin disinfection prior to the application of incision foils.
Carry out hygienic hand disinfection before every puncture.
Immediately prior to the puncture: carry out skin antisepsis; pay attention to the exposure time.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend applying the skin antiseptic for preoperative antisepsis in concentric circles, beginning in the middle.
The prepared area should be large enough to be able to extend the puncture site,
The skin antiseptic can be applied by a soaked swab (2 times on surgical skin & No marking agent or other agents required.)
The product has to dry completely before the incision foil is applied in order to prevent hampering the adhesion effect.