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  • disinfectant for surgical instruments
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Glutihyde 2% and Glutihyde 2.45%

Glutaraldehyde 2% & 2.45% are both with Liquid Activators. It is an effective Sporicidal, Fungicidal, Tuberculocidal, Bactericidal, Virucidal formulation. Used for the disinfection and sterilization of heat­ sensitive and heat-resistance endoscopes, anaesthesia accessories, tubings,  instruments  containing  lenses, rubber, plastic etc. It has excellent material compatibility and is used for the decontamination of instruments.

Passes European Norms: EN 13727, EN 14348, EN 13624,EN 14476, EN 13704

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it suitable for disinfection & sterilization of endoscopes?

Yes, Glutihyde 2% or 2.45% can be used for rigid and flexible endoscopes, also compatible for instruments made of metal, porcelain, glass, rubber etc.

2) What are the properties of the Glutihyde range of solutions?

It is Bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal (HIV, HBV surface antigen)

3) How to use Glutihyde 2% and 2.45% for disinfection?

Pour Glutihyde 2% & 2.45% in an instrument tray
Activate with liquid activator provided (e.g., For 5 litres, add total contents of the liquid activator, for 1 litre - add 20ml and so on)
Solution turns green and is now ready for use
Rinse off under running water, the adherent material (blood, mucous etc.) from used instruments and drain thoroughly
Rough dry and immerse the instruments and scopes in prepared solution

Immersion time:
Total disinfection - 10 to 15 minutes (HBV - 30 mins)
Total Sterilization - 10 hours

Remove instruments from Glutihyde solution
Rinse thoroughly with sterile water and store in dry conditions

4) How to neutralize and discard the used Glutihyde solution?

Take 25 gm of Glycine powder and dissolve in 1 litre of Glutihyde 2% or 2.45% solution, mix it for 30 mins to neutralize the solution. Check the pH, it should be around 6 to 7 then the solution can be discarded.